the initiative

The Initiative

The initiative Reimagining learning is an attempt  to recover  the natural way of learning. Natural learning is the process by which the inherent, biological potential in human beings  and the external natural systems collaborate in some manner to produce knowledge and habitats which has a distinct aesthetic quality and is in harmony with nature.

Authentic living or experiencing the world itself is learning.

Experience itself is what is learned and this experiencing of the world is transformative. Experiencing world is the process of making sense of it.

This experience is an integral of value, beauty and knowledge. Ofcourse  the experience can not be fragmented in these terms. The learning happens by being in the experience and by immersing in it we imbibe and assimilate the experience. To be in experience demands total presence. This also makes experience the content of what is being learned. Children assimilate the experience by re- experiencing by  various kinds of self-initiated play. In this  kind of play children explores various aspects of what they experience- the form, the content and the process.

The knower and the knowledge are inextricably bound as they make and remake each other.

Re imagining school is an initiative to relook at the learning ecology vis-à-vis the learner, the process, the environment and the content. To put it in another way it is to address the learning ecology in toto.  Why, where, what and how of learning.  The knower becomes as much part of the learning as much as the knowledge


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