The School

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The blog is about an initiative called reimagining learning.

The term ‘western’ is not used to blame anyone nor is referred in terms of geographic location. It is psychological condition and another term could be linear and rational and the other way of being would be wholistic.

The write up is a work in progress and there will be constant correction and updating. Feel free to engage in conversation.

The Catch 22

Linear, rational mind can not understand the wholistic aspects of life because it requires a wholistic mind. What it can do is to understand the limitations of the rational way and let go of understanding. Wholistic understanding to take place one must let it happen and not force rational understanding. Reasoning mind short circuits true comprehension. Text is a linear medium and any attempt to understand by means of text will lead to linearization of our being. The manner in which we Understand or comprehend is where the problem lies as it decides the outcome. The outcome of our beingness as well as the so called knowledge.

The school

Sadhana English school is situated at Kule, a village 40 kilometers away from Pune city. The school caters to 10 villages with in the radius of 15 kilometers. The school was established in 2009 by Sadhana village Pune, an non profit organization working with issues of mentally challenged adults and the rural people from Mulshi block of Pune district.

There are 96 children from 3.6 years to 7.6 years of age.  There is no fee to attend the school but a nominal fee of Rs 100 per month is collected for transportation.

A child is born wholistic and integrated. They are born curious, with a scientific and an artistic mind. They are born with trust in life, contentment and a sense of completeness.

Schooling kills their curiosity, aesthetic sensibility by a process of mechanization and fragmentation.

Cooperation and sharing  is replaced with competition and greed, self-reliance is replaced by dependence on methods and authority where anything termed as scientific is blindly accepted.

The above factors led Sadhana Village to introduce the natural learning process in their primary school to enable children to actualize the enormous potential with which they are born. The pilot experimentation for the past six months of introducing the concept and observations records of teachers in an encouragement to the management to continue with the experiment and ensure a creative learning environment for the rural children. The future will determine the success of the programme.

We are looking for collaborating with people who are interested in exploring how to connect natural learning process and codified knowledge.


  • narendragoidani  On October 3, 2012 at 5:25 am

    Brilliant…Would love to meet you. We are also in the process of setting up a school in the rural areas. Can we learn from you?
    We are Life School, a training organisation in Pune. Our url is
    With love, prayers and best wishes,

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