Samvaad on learning ecology

We are planning a series of samvaads on various aspects of learning ecology- why learn? What is being learned? How learning takes place? And where learning takes place?

And also a deeper enquiry to understand what exactly is ‘learning’, ‘knowing’ and ‘being’?

It looks like that the more deeply one explores what is learning the more intangible and subtle it seems like.

All the manmade crisis of modern times seems like a crisis at the level of cognition which alienates and fragments the human being. The internal destruction and the external destruction go hand in hand. Each becoming the cause for further destruction.

Time and again many sensitive people have questioned the efficacy of the ‘teaching’ paradigm.

New insights in cognitive science, neuro biology and is challenging the old paradigm based on ‘Teaching’, ‘knowledge’ and ‘school’ as the givens.

May be we need to revisit the whole questions based on ‘how children learn’ rather than ‘how to teach children’.

It seems that the most misunderstood aspect of modernity is learning, knowledge and children. Having gone through the schooling process and also having undergone the restructuring the cognitive apparatus/ tools we may encounter several difficulties in addressing the issue. Starting with disbelief to even having the ability to fully comprehend this. With our  linear, rational, fragmented beingness  we may not be able to fully grasp this as it would require  wholistic beingness.

At Sadhana school, we are trying to reorient ourselves to respond to this new insights so as to respect the natural, biological potential in children to make sense of their surroundings and construct knowledge required for their need. Check out our site

The first one in the series is on ‘what children learn’

Samvaad on ‘What Children (we) Learn’

Childhood is the most vulnerable and helpless period where things happen and children have no control of both the outer environment and the inner processes.

What children learn can be answered by only after understanding what constitutes the process called learning. Modern notions about learning, knowledge, schools etc has created so many misconceptions that it is going to be very difficult to venture in to this question afresh.

Knowing happens in silence, with hardly any words used whereas teaching or transmitting knowledge is a loud process where words are the primary building blocks / means/ constituents.

Knowing happens in the real world where as teaching has been conducted in the realm of words.

Originality, biology, autonomy, freedom constitutes conditions and processes in the act of knowing where as teaching is about control, conditioning, secondhand and psychology.

Knowing happens with the world as whole whereas teaching breaks the world in to fragments and is compartmentalized as subjects.

May be we should revisit our own childhoods to re examine what happed in our schooling.

What ever we have supposed to have learned either by the manner in which it was taught to us or the very disjointed content has only resulted  in us loosing all passion for learning and the wonder of life.

The samvaads may not come up with any answers but would be helpful in challenging our assumptions and mis conceptions. And may also help us in recovering our child like qualities which might help us to connect with children and understand what childrens world is all about.

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